ser·vice (sər-vəs) n. the the work performed


Writing is difficult, lonely work, and an editor can be your first friend on the other side. I support your book from brain to bestseller list. While my job is to enforce the four  Cs of communication* and ensure nothing prevents readers from understanding—and lovingwhat you're trying to say, a good editor should do more than wield a red pen. Our collaboration is a partnership, a safe space. I'm the fiercest champion of your book, a fresh perspective, and a long-lasting resource you can trust. My expert considerations can extend well beyond your manuscript to query letters, book marketing, and more.


Most of all, I respect your instincts as an author and never suppress your voicethe thing that makes your book uniquely yours.


I may correct your wily commas, but I'll always be on your side.

*correctness, consistency, clarity, and coherency


My DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING PACKAGE includes the manuscript with any edits and notations, chapter notes, an explanatory letter, and a Track Changes instructions document as needed. My developmental editing process includes evaluating the manuscript for “big-picture” issues, such as organization, structure, pacing, tone, character development, and plot.


My COPYEDITING/PROOFREADING PACKAGES include the manuscript/PDF with any edits and notations, an explanatory letter, and a Track Changes instructions document as needed. My copyediting and proofreading process includes editing for grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation following the rules set forth by the most recent editions of the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary. I also copyedit for style (clarify meaning, eliminate jargon, polish language, and edit line-by-line for smoothness and clarity while maintaining author’s voice and style). Proofreading also includes editing for basic design errors, such as stacks, orphans, widows, bad breaks, tight/loose tracking, correlating parts, and consistency in heading styles.




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I edit agent query letters

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memoirs; self-help; literary fiction; literary and genre YA;
science fiction; fantasy; romance



expertise in CMOS, AP,
and MLA styles

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