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ed·i·t (e-dət) v. to alter, adapt, or or refine especially to bring about conformity to a standard or to suit a particular purpose

Bloomsbury’s Apartment is just one book I edited that received many awards: New York Times Editors Choice; longlisted for the 2020 Simpson/Joyce Carol Oates Literary Prize; longlisted for the 2020 Simpson/Joyce Carol Oates Literary Prize; one of’s “Best Books of 2020 So Far”; one of Elle’s “Best Books of 2020 So Far”; named A Most-Anticipated Book by the New York Times, Vogue, The Boston Globe, Salon, The Millions, Inside Hook, and Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

Samples of published edited work below.

The Great Man Theory
Women We Buried
The Unpunished Vice
Decent People
Al Swearingen
First Rangers
Sun King
Personal Injury Lawsuit
Dep Handbook
Trial Lawyer
Nurse Life Care Planning
Make Some Room
Daniel My Brother
The Kemptons
Beautiful Questions


Editing combines my greatest passions: reading and writing.


But more than that, publishing is something I can get behind. The publication of ideas has knocked people to their knees for thousands of years, launching philosophies and revolutions and forever changing how we think. Freedom of speech is the guts of democracy. History itself only began when the Sumerians could first write it down more than five millennia ago. The stories we tell and the information we publish will always shape who we are.


We are educated, we are entertained, we are enriched because we read.


Reading also has other significant benefits, including preventing Alzheimer’s disease, improving memory, increasing the ability to empathize, honing critical thinking skills, and combatting anxiety. Studies have shown that just six minutes of reading can reduce stress by 60 percent, which is 68 percent more than listening to music, 100 percent more than drinking tea, and 300 percent more than going for a walk.


As for me, I feel most myself with a book in my hands.

I'm honored to be a part of any book's journey, as well as a participant in the publishing community that creates such powerful cultural products. This is my dream job, and you'll find that out when I geek out over your Oxford commas. I am, after all, the Comma Mama.


Thanks for writing!

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