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re·view (ri-ˈvyü) n. a critical evaluationn

Missy really knows her audience and brings fantastic ideas to the table, and her feedback is always detailed and helpful. Her insights and suggestions have definitely helped shape many of my articles for the better."

—Maurie Bauchman, freelance writer

"Missy went above and beyond my expectations. She provided excellent insights regarding aspects of my novel's plot, character, and pacing. Throughout the process, Missy responded quickly to my many queries, and her suggested edits were extremely detailed. Her expert eye caught errors in grammar, spelling, and usage in my 89,994-word manuscript that made it clear she truly cared about my project and gave it her complete attention. As a new author, it is extremely nerve-wracking to give your work over to a professional. Missy was honest and straight-forward in her review, but she never condescended. Thank you, Missy!"

—James Briggs, author (fiction)

"Missy was delightful to work with. She was honest, kind, helpful, and professional."

—Robert Cope, author (nonfiction)

"Missy is the best proofer we’ve ever had. Her sharp copyediting eye is a lifesaver. She’s wonderful at staying on track and on task, and I know I’ll never have to wait long for her to finish something I need."

—Fatemeh Fakhraie, digital content strategist

"Missy delivered unmatched enthusiasm and commitment to a copy editing position seen by many in the journalism program as menial. Beyond that, she untangled sentences with grace, repositioned their structural elements to maximize clarity, and identified weak points in reporting that even news editors missed."

—Jayme Fraser, journalist

"Missy is a tremendous editor and perfectionist with an eye for detail . . . Her work is always top-notch, with a clear (and often entertaining) voice that is unique to her. She's one of the hardest workers I know."

—Melanie Figueroa, agent

"I can honestly say that if I had an editorial position to offer right now, Missy would be top of my list. I have seen more than 100 students graduate from this program in my three years as director, and I can think of only two or three others who are editors of Missy’s caliber."

—Dr. Per Henningsgaard, former director of publishing at Portland State University

"Missy worked diligently and quickly to provide corrections to my manuscript. She is very thorough and knowledgeable."

—Peter Holgate, author (nonfiction)

"'Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Missy. Aside from her strong writing, copyediting, and proofing skills, Missy is a joy to work with. She is extremely personable and her bubbly personality is infectious."

—Hali Kaelin, designer

"Missy is a GREAT member of our team. She is a truly exceptional worker and constantly goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She is a wonderful writer, editor, and proofreader—and does it all with a high level of competency. She has a great personality and everyone loves to work alongside her!"

—Sara Krainik, creative director

"From copyediting to task management, Missy has shown herself to be an invaluable asset to our team. She's never missed a deadline and her work has always been excellent."

—Travis Kremer, production editor


"I forget how wonderful and personal Missy's writing style is. It's like reading whole milk.

She is also is the most dedicated editor and writer with which I've ever worked. The pieces she turned in were impeccable, which gave us time to really take them to the next level. She digs deep for any task she's given, from the simplest editing for web to deeper research pieces. For me, she's been editor, proofreader, researcher, strategist, and a real joy to work with. If you get a chance to work with her, don't pass it up."

—Jennie Lander, content manager

"Missy is such a breath of fresh air! Loved her professionalism. She stuck to our deadline, even though it was the day after Thanksgiving. Hope to have more work for her to help with."

—Georgette Ligons, agent

"Wow! Fantastic work!! I am so impressed by Missy's professional work and thoughtful responses. Five stars!"

—Mary Mayfield, author (nonfiction)

"Missy's clear focus and solid skills made her a key part of our team. She is a great communicator in writing and in person and always came prepared and ready to discuss our editorial calendar and fine tune our coverage. When advocating a position, she always kept the reader at the core of her arguments, a critical insight that often won the day."

—Matt Neznanski, product manager

"Missy is a supreme professional. She gave me constant updates and did such a thorough proofreading of my novel that it far exceeded my expectations. The money I spent pales in comparison to the value I received from her. I would definitely hire Missy again, and if you have a novel that needs some editing and constructive criticism, she's the right person for the job."

—Noel Nunez, author (fiction)

"Missy has been a terrific asset to our editorial team at Trial Guides. She has endless attention to detail and a can-do attitude that has helped her dig into unfamiliar projects. She requires minimal supervision and is great at figuring out that fine balance between figuring out things on her own and asking for help when she needs it. She has a sunny disposition that makes her a great team member."

—Tina Ricks, managing editor

"Missy was timely, passionate about her work, and respectful of my voice. She brings a creative competency, as well as a keen editorial eye. She has an intuitive feel for the work and the storyteller's voice and does her best to augment and never insert. I will hire her again and again."

Jack Roberts, filmmaker and author (fiction)

"Missy was amazing! I worked with her on my first e-book. Her work was thorough and detailed. She walked me through the process and went above and beyond to help me understand the full editing and publishing process. I couldn't be more happy with her work. I will definitely use her again."

—Craig Sloan, author (nonfiction)

"Missy added tremendous value [with] additional tips for authors, marketing ideas, and resources. Her editing and comments throughout my manuscript were incredibly useful. My book will be MUCH better for it."

—Angie Stegall, author (nonfiction)

"[Missy] was genuinely kind . . . She was down-to-earth and genuinely caring. Her passion for editing is apparent, and truly her desire to help people is just as strong. She did an amazingly thorough developmental edit of a 70,000-word manuscript . . . The feedback she sent was far more than I anticipated. It was kind but also did not give false hope. Gentle, but certainly constructive. There was not a single thing that I didn't agree with. Missy is truly a professional but also a delightful soul to work with. If you want someone who cares genuinely about your success, please look into working with her."

Kount Tyffula, author (fiction) 

"Missy's enthusiasm, drive, and attention to detail make her stand out as a member of the editorial team here at brass|Media Inc. She isn't afraid to take on new tasks and makes sure to deliver a strong product, seeing it through from start to finish. With her strong editing and writing skills, Missy would be an excellent addition to any team."

—Abbie Tumbleson, marketing specialist 


"From . . . copyediting that is loaded with helpful comments and corrections to . . . developmental editing and proofreading, Missy provides the writer with timely turn-around times, fair pricing, and accurate and thorough editorial services. Take some time and review Missy’s website, read her writing, check out her accomplishments, and you will see that Missy Lacock is a gift to Montana writers."

—Loring Walawander, author (fiction)


"I had worked with previous developmental editors on my manuscript. The contrast in the quality of work was profound. Missy was thoughtful, thorough, and gave an honest assessment of the writing that vastly improved the work.


If you have a serious project and want honest feedback presented in a very professional manner, Missy Lacock is an editor you should consider. The extra touches she adds to her services are thoughtful and shows she cares about her clients and her profession.


I must also add that I used her advice to complete the internal and external design. I also found her marketing tips a valuable tool. Missy Lacock is a full-service editor caring for her clients during the editing process and after the manuscript is ready for publishing.


I give this editor 5 out of 5 stars." 

—Doug Walker, nonfiction (fiction)

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